Upstate New York Professional Malpractice Defense Lawyers

If you are a professional facing a malpractice lawsuit or other serious negligence claim, your credibility and professional competency are being called into question. The intense worry you likely feel about the impact this will have on your career is absolutely understandable. You are also concerned about the financial impact. We are here to provide the best possible defense of your license, reputation and professional future. At the law firm of Donohue, Sabo, Varley & Huttner, our attorneys have been providing defense against negligence claims against professionals in Albany and throughout upstate New York since 1980. We will use our experience to work closely with you and your insurance company to mitigate the damage caused by a professional malpractice lawsuit.

Strategic, Rigorous Defense Of Licensed Professionals Facing Malpractice Claims

Our upstate New York professional malpractice defense attorneys handle many types of professional malpractice, liability and negligence claims, including:
  • Medical malpractice defense for physicians, nurses, physical therapists and other practitioners as well as hospitals, nursing homes and other care facilities
  • Architecture and engineering defense in cases involving structural defect or property damage claims, serious personal injury and a range of other issues
  • Legal malpractice defense for peers in our profession
In addition to representing our clients in settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration and trial litigation in any upstate New York jurisdiction, we also represent professionals in revocation hearings, disciplinary hearings and other proceedings before their licensing boards.

Turn To Experienced Professional Negligence Defense Attorneys In Albany

Professional liability cases are always complex. Every one requires specialized, often highly technical knowledge. Our wide-ranging, successful professional malpractice defense experience will be a critical asset. Among other strengths, we are adept at finding the appropriate, trusted experts necessary to build the strongest possible defense case for each client we serve. Please contact us for prompt attention to your concerns. You need not be concerned that any aspect of your case will be handled by an inexperienced lawyer. Every client we serve works directly with one of our partner attorneys, all of whom have at least 25 years of experience focused on litigation and appeals.