Upstate New York Architect Malpractice Defense Attorneys

While most people primarily associate malpractice lawsuits with the medical profession, malpractice claims also sometimes filed against architects and engineers. Such claims typically arise from a personal injury linked to unsafe conditions in a home or building, or from other alleged structural inadequacies. Essentially, the plaintiff is accusing the architect or engineer of failing to perform a specified professional duty.

Experienced Architect And Engineer Malpractice Defense Attorneys In Albany

This highly specialized area of law is a long-standing strength for Donohue, Sabo, Varley & Huttner, a firm serving upstate New York professionals and insurance companies with interests in our area since 1980. Whether you are a professional liability insurance representative or an individual seeking highly qualified defense counsel, we will be up to the challenge.

Injury Claims · Structural Defect Allegations · All Types Of Liability Litigation

Our widely respected trial lawyers and negotiators have succeeded in numerous cases in which multiple parties were being sued and many millions of dollars were sought. We have extensive knowledge of the issues and strategies relevant for defense against:

  • Claims that a catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death occurred due to a property's unsafe design or structural problems
  • Structural defect claims such as those arising from roof failures, heaving or collapsing floors, water issues or the alleged failure of some other aspect of a home or commercial building
  • Other types of litigation based on breach of contract or negligence, including construction delay claims and liability issues associated with failing to comply with building codes and adhere to municipal law in regard to zoning, permitting and other issues

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All four of our partner attorneys have at least 25 years in practice — and every client we represent works directly with a partner. This lean, agile business model means that you can count on excellent communication and full alignment with your most important interests from day one through resolution of the case against you.

If you need counsel from an upstate New York attorney providing architect malpractice defense or advice on an engineering liability matter, we invite you to contact us.