Commercial Litigation

Dedicated to Results in Business Disputes

At the law firm of Donohue, Sabo, Varley & Huttner, we represent businesses in all types of commercial litigation. We understand that the needs of our clients vary. By providing personal attention, we are able to focus on your needs and customize your case accordingly. Our personal attention also means that you will have an experienced attorney by your side from the start of your case to the finish.

Since 1980, we have been helping small businesses in the Albany area and throughout Upstate New York resolve disputes. Our clients have included contractors, developers, retailers, manufacturers and companies in nearly every industry. Clients trust us because we are willing to go the extra mile for them, taking the steps necessary in order to get results, even in the most complex cases.

Our Experience is Valuable in any Claim

Traditional litigation is a valuable way to resolve commercial disputes, and our lawyers are certainly willing to go to trial in order to obtain a positive outcome for our clients. We also understand, however, that it is not the only method that can be used to resolve business disputes. We are familiar and comfortable with using alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation, arbitration or negotiation if those techniques would provide a more positive result.

We can help you determine the most appropriate option for resolving commercial litigation related to:

  • Breach of contract and other contract disputes
  • Disputes over non-compete agreements or severance agreements
  • Collections

We Will Protect Your Interests and Your Business

For many small businesses, the success or failure of one legal action can mean the success or failure of the businesses as a whole. When it comes to commercial litigation, we take great care to keep you involved in the decision making process as we explore all available options. You can count on us to guide you down the path that makes the most sense for your situation. We have your and your business' best interests at heart.

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